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Aligning with you, to find the alignment within

Attentive Therapist

Adult Individual Therapy

Do you feel anxious, depressed or more irritable than usual? Are you haunted of thoughts and feelings from the past? Maybe, you don't feel like yourself, and you cant quite put your finger on why?

We work with you one-on-one to help you get to the root of the problem. In therapy, you and your therapist will work together to increase understanding of one’s thought and behavior patterns to help increase function and well-being.

If you are ready to be the best version of your self, we are ready to help


In-person sessions are offered in the City of Edmonton

Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy is conducted through online videos. Video therapy allows for face-to-face communication with your therapist. Virtual therapy is a convenient method for those who are wanting to access therapy services and do not have access, or unable to attend in person therapy.

Wondering if online therapy is right for you? Aligned Minds offers a free 30 minute consultation so you can find out which method of therapy is best for you! 

Online services are available in the province of Alberta


Teen Therapy

Adolescence is a time where there are lot of changes happening in a teen’s life, and they will usually benefit from some guidance. Part of the normal development process for teens is to assert their independence from their parents, which means they might become more hesitant to discuss certain issues with you. For this reason, you might decide to ensure your teen has a safe place to discuss these issues.

Teens don’t have to be in crisis to benefit from therapy and counseling. Therapy offers a safe, non-judgmental space to explore what’s going on for them emotionally, physically, and behaviorally.

 We can help your teen to sort out their challenges and find some strategies and tools that are more helpful.

Workshops & Seminars

Aligned Minds Counseling and Therapy offers a range of workshops and seminars for your next professional development, or leadership training day. 


Workshops include

  • Mental Health in Strategic Planning

  • Leadership: Leading the Way With Mental Health

  • The Trauma-Informed Workplace

Interested in having Aligned Minds customize a workshop for your team?  Contact us today to let us know how we can support you!

Networking Event

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Co-Parenting Counseling

Co-parenting counseling helps separated or divorced parents improve their communication, set boundaries, and create a co-parenting plan that puts the children first.


This therapy is particularly helpful when parents struggle with conflicts, establish consistent rules, or navigate complex issues such as visitation schedules and custody arrangements.

We help parents focus on what's best for their children, reduce stress and conflict, and build a positive co-parenting relationship.


With co-parenting counseling, parents can establish a stable and supportive environment for their children to grow and thrive.


In-person sessions are offered in the City of Edmonton

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